Paris Rose

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All Guest Welcome

All New- All faded- All with Texas in mind.  Offered for sell -Prairie Rose Stuff and Paris Rose Stuff
  And always lace adding old homespun  " My Style" offered with this blog.   A blog with a Texas prairie look. Using "Old Photos" telling a unique Visual Theme.
   A rare and different Blogging style! Visual with less words. I will offer my own line of goods. Mixed among the "Stories"
    I love my mix of music. Please, Just move to one you like. My whole goal is
Mixing old with new. Times may change but our Stories come full circle. I am proud to be from Texas. Taking a stand.  While seeing all of the beauty in these strong women in hard times.
   Mixing my sell goods to tie in with my story themes.  Stories with meaningful "Texas Memories".
I will share truth, mixed with my ideas of what happened.  Reading from the faces of these amazing women that came to Texas, not expecting the hard dust to the beauty of our hill country. All had a challenge. 
   Forced to cut out a new life style. The stories I share, is the back bone of " us Texas gals"    
Enjoy!  amber rose      Please visit my web site:


  1. Beautiful blog, i'm now your follower :) Hugs, Kimberly

  2. Go forward and bring your dream to pass! Lovey...smiles!

  3. Hey Amber it looks GREAT!!!
    I love your music.

    network the followers do to there sites and follow them and they will start to follow you. Like kim She follows me and I her.

    It is really looking like a gypsy soul creates here!!


  4. Hey Amber I love it...I love your play list of music...

    I might have to steal some of it :)

    Your friend